Trauma care

TRAUMA CARE centre of s s hospital is equipped with a network critical care ambulances . This ensure availability of best medical care without any wastage of time by providing medical attention right through the transportation of the victims of Poly Trauma, Stroke, Cardiac a emergencies  and proper treatment by trained expert .  On-site availability of highly trained specialists, diagnostic facilities and dedicated trauma operation-theatre,located in causality department itself helps us to save valuable time.Thus,proper planning, quick reaction and the entry of the ambulance directly into the trauma centre where immediate measure to resuscitate the patients are available is factually possible at s s hospital.  The trauma centre has a 24x7 trauma team of experts to handle the emergency cases arriving at the hospital at any given moment of time. The team, under the charge of a senior general surgery consultant, has on duty an anesthesiologists and a senior resident general surgeon. Alongside, a team of neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, ENTsurgeon, eye surgeon, gynecologists and pediatric surgeon are also available on emergency call.